New Pasadena Development Applications – Submissions sought

RE: PASADENA DA – Mod2021/0005  

Pasadena – 1858 Pittwater Road, Church Point
Northern Beaches Council – Application Number: Mod2021/0005
Modification of consent A212/63 – Alteration and additions to the existing motel, restaurant and shops.

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The WPCA would like to draw your attention to a new Development Application concerning the Pasadena. The modifications involve:

  • Enclosure of the existing waste storage and empty keg collection handling areas;
  • Relocation of the existing bathroom facilities to enable the reconfiguration of the existing shop tenancies;
  • Consolidation of 3 shop tenancies to create 2 shop tenancies;
  • Expansion of the existing general store and delicatessen to include a new pick up/take away window, access doors and roofed deck oriented towards the adjacent reserve;
  • Replacement of the existing external fire egress stair at the rear of the property.

While we have no objection to the proposed enclosure of the existing waste storage area on the east of the building, we do feel the plans will have a negative impact on the character of Thomas Stephens Reserve on the west of the building and increase pressure on parking.

  1. Submissions can be made here. They will be accepted for a few more weeks, but suggest you complete asap.
  2. Plans can be found here.
  3. Full details of the Application can be found HERE .
    (you can also view “documents” on a tab on NB website”)
  4. Please also download and read this Community Flyer highlighting important points relating to the development.

Points of main concern:

  • This proposal is likely to intensify patronage of the Pasadena.
    The proposal indicates an additional 15 seats/stools along the western boundary; a store/delicatessen which is likely to include some form of additional seating (given large new openings north and west to views and reserve); and replacement of the small takeaway van with a permanent commercial kitchen for increased takeaway service. Where will these additional patrons park? It will mean more pressure on parking already at overload.
  • Thomas Stephens Reserve is part of an historic social precinct.
    The impact on this highly valued small village hub needs to be fully assessed. The Church Point Conservation Management Strategy (Altona, Burton, Gould – June 2014) identified the Reserve as having high heritage value. The proposal will have significant impacts on the character, intimacy, and long-term social use of Thomas Stephens Reserve by locals. It commercialises this public space by intruding upon it for private benefit.
  • The proposed Council works and the Pasadena DA need to be considered together, not in isolation.
    Council is in the process of finalising a low-key upgrade of Thomas Stephens Reserve as part of the Church Point Plan of Management to maintain the character and community hub value of this public space. Excessive commercialisation of Thomas Stephens Reserve is not warranted – it is the community’s ‘public living room’.

Other points to consider: 

  • This amendment significantly gives the commercial operator (of Pasadena) appropriation of public space around the entire perimeter of the building.
  • This amendment should constitute a DA as it increases the seating capacity of the Pasadena. The plan makes it very simple for conversion into a cafe with increased occupancy and congestion problems at Church Point.
  • The planned Precinct 2 works in the Church Point Plan of Management see the relocation of the temporary ferry pontoon and a return to the community of the intimate paddling beach for the whole community. Designated seating and openings on the western ground floor of the Pasadena will open this beach area to oversight and the gaze of people not connected to the activities of the park.
  • The reserve does not require “activation” on its western edge. The community itself activates the reserve, with its post boxes, ferries and picnic tables available for all.
  • The Pasadena’s owner has repeatedly sought to increase seating capacity and change the character of the Pasadena’s operation and has been disallowed. This is yet another attempt to flout the planning regulations to the detriment of the community hub of Church Point.
  • The proposed low wall at the northwest boundary exacerbates the pedestrian pinch point of this corner of the Reserve and the waterfront.

Points that inform the community’s relationship with Thomas Stephens Reserve:

  • This is the traditional meeting place of the Church Point and Offshore communities.
  • It is a community sacred space where ANZAC Day is observed.
  • It is the place of transport and interchange, where we meet and socialise and disperse.
  • The west wall of the Pasadena has always been the quiet edge to the Reserve, free of any commercial activity until the coffee caravan arrived. Since its activity began and resultant counter response from the Waterfront Café, our Reserve has become a cafe. BUT it has been low key. This development will “concrete” in the commercialisation of our public space.
  • The wall functions as the backdrop for the comings and goings of the community. We wait there, we meet there, collect our mail and carry our shopping through there. Two duelling takeaway coffee and snack vendors are enough commercial action for this space.

Community Flyer February 2021 (536 Kb)

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