Getting Around

Pink Water Taxi

Call 0428 238 190


Pink Water Taxi’s are an on-demand service; no advance bookings. Please call us when you are on the wharf and ready to go.

Please call 0428 238 190. This number connects you to the actual Water Taxi coxswain. If not answered immediately, please wait a couple of minutes before trying again (particularly in bad weather), as the driver may be berthing the vessel or assisting passengers.

At times, tides, weather and sea state may preclude travel to certain destinations. To avoid inconvenience, do please call us and check. If you are needing to travel late in the evening, please call the taxi number after 3pm and speak with our night driver so they know to expect you.

IMPORTANT – For security and operating reasons, we don’t generally answer blocked (silent) numbers.
If you are having trouble getting through, please send a text. 

Hours of Operation

6am to 10pm
6am-8pm – Service on demand. Call when ready

8pm-10pm – Guaranteed by booking. Please call if you think you might need us after 8pm as service will close after the last booking.

After Hours

Subject to driver availability. Call the taxi number after 3pm on the day and speak with the actual driver who will be working through the evening.

Pre-payment and surcharges may apply.


Social distancing rules apply.

Up to four (4) passengers with an airline-size, carry-on bag (max 7kg) each. Single household family groups up to six considered if able to keep distance from the driver.

Depending on weight and volume, excess baggage and/or cargo can reduce the number of passengers the vessel can carry.

Card or Cash

We have contactless payment facilities on all our boats; MasterCard, Visa and EFTPOS accepted. If you need to pay in cash, please bring exact fare; no change given.

Multiple Hire

Ride-sharing is not currently permitted.


Our business is people, not cargo. We will be very happy to recommend an appropriate punt or barge service if a client needs to move cargo.

If the driver agrees to take excess baggage or cargo, cartage rates will apply and an estimate will be advised at time of loading.

As a guide, single large and/or heavy items such as suitcases, eskies and toolboxes are $5 each and smaller items as $1 each.

Bad Weather

Bad weather significantly affects transportation for the offshore communities. Storms can cause services to be suspended or shutdown entirely.

More often, wind and sea state can make travel to certain destinations unsafe or the Master of the vessel may wait until weather passes over before continuing services.

To avoid inconvenience, do please call us and check if you think conditions are deteriorating.

Frequent Floater’s Club

Regular users may be invited to join the Frequent Floaters Club. Benefits include:

  • easily book late night service
  • free Medical Evacuation
  • no cartage for weekly shopping

Credit / Debit Card accounts are available for regular users:

  • casual (on-occurrence, no invoice), or
  • monthly (detailed invoice)