Pile Burn Guidelines

Pile Burn and Hazard Reduction Guidelines

Notice from West Pittwater RFS

With the upcoming summer and everyone getting their places ready for the fire season we would just like to point out that some of the interpretations around pile burns has shifted.

With pressure from the EPA due to clean air concerns the RFS has had to become more stringent on the application of Hazard Reduction rules.

If you do a pile burn without a certificate the 1st time you will get a warning letter from the RFS and any subsequent transgression is a fine of up to $10,000

SO PLEASE take the time to get your certificate and make your neighbours aware of these requirements as well.

Our area is one of the very few in the Sydney Basin that has the ability to do our own burns – if we are seen to be flouting the rules we may be forced to go to the much more expensive and arduous option of carting the green waste to the tip ourselves.

Between March and October you will just need to hold a Hazard Reduction Certificate to do your burn. During the “Fire Season” generally the 1st of October to the 31st of March you will need a permit as well.

Our Brigade operational officers all hold permit books and we are always happy to fill one out for you – just call the Station number 9997 3795 and this will divert to one of us who will organise the certificate for you.

The Application Process

  1. Fill in an application form (some guidelines are attached below).;
  2. If you have any questions you can call Fire Control at Terrey Hills on  9450 3000 for help. If you ask they turn them around pretty quickly.
  3. 24 Hours before the burn notify RFS Fire Control on 1800 679 737
  4. On the day of the burn call our brigade on 9997 3795 so we know when the inevitable 000 calls from Clareville come through.

If you want someone to do the process and burn for you contact Matt Gargan on 0422 525 391.


West Pittwater Rural Fire Brigade
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Station Phone: 9997 3795

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