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Church Point Plan Of Management

Church Point is a unique place on the shores of Pittwater. Historically servicing the pioneer offshore communities of Sydney, ‘The Point’ still forms the essential ‘gateway’ to the Pittwater waterway, Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores.

The area is a local and regional transport node and tourist destination. It functions as a water based and vehicular transport interchange for the off-shore residents, while providing valued services to local residents and visitors. A place to gather and meet, to share stories and enjoy a beverage, a special community spirit exists here which has remained unchanged for decades.

Management issues at Church Point are deeply entrenched within the divergent interests of the off-shore and on-shore communities. The off-shore communities use Church Point as a vital connection to the mainland and facility for vehicle parking, local services and a social meeting place. On-shore communities generally value the recreational resource of the area and its connectivity with the established foreshore walkway to Mona Vale.

The area has facilitated these mixed uses in an adhoc manner for many decades but with no clear vision for the management and/or development of the area, conflict between the differing uses is apparent.

This Draft Plan of Management aims to ensure that Church Point retains its environmental, recreational, scenic, cultural and social values, while key issues relating to the management of the study area are addressed. The cost of preparing the DPOM has been jointly funded by Pittwater Council and the Department of Lands.

The key objectives of this plan are to:

  1. Identify and assess the values and local significance of the study area;
  2. Establish a responsible planning approach to resolution of long term conflicts of interest evident within the study area;
  3. Resolve management issues with a ‘triple bottom line’ approach – economic, environmental and social values;
  4. Recognise and provide for local resident issues, developing management strategies consistent with community values and expectations;
  5. Acknowledge the design input and ‘self determination’ process undertaken to achieve a preferred ‘Master Plan’ for the study area;
  6. Ensure ongoing viability of established and new commercial entities within the study area; and
  7. Meet legislative and policy requirements for managing Crown Land.


Church Point Plan Of Management 2009 (49 KB)

Church Point Business Case (114 KB)

SIRA Discussion paper On Parking Fees (182 KB)

Church Point Communique – August 2015 (1817 KB)

Offshore Community Communique – Dec2015 (49 KB)