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South West Lovett Bay Coast Care

SWLB Coastcare has no regular ‘weeding day’. Instead the group has been working in concert with their contractor using  well-attended Community Days to target Bamboo and Lantana, as well as dealing with Cocos Palms, a myriad of other weeds and inappropriate structure and materials onsite. The days are scheduled at the most appropriate stage to ensure the best outcome for the grant period.

All adjacent residents are also targeting these weeds on their own property.

The next Community Day, expected to be in late Autumn, will include a walk with a focus on identification of both local native species and weeds.

At the conclusion of the grant (December 2021) the residents will decide on a yearly schedule which can best maintain the local area.

Contact: David Watson

Weeding dates: No regular ‘weeding day’. Contact David for next scheduled session.
Meeting point:
Supported by: This is a local community group registered as an incorporated association in NSW
What to wear: Everyone is asked to dress appropriately in work clothes, hat, sturdy shoes and sunscreen. Insect repellant is advisable to repel ticks and mosquitos.

Covid restrictions apply.


AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes 2021 (753 KB)

Targeted weeds

    Recent work

    Bamboo Out Day — July 25 2020

    A brief pictorial reflection of the day the community took it to the bamboo.

    While a lot of work had already been done by our contractor Paul Webb, so much remained to be done.

    Not that this stopped us from giving it a go. Paul sorted out the work gangs…

    …and demonstrated the finer techniques of Cocos Palm removal. And then off we all went.

    Left: Pete, John and Ian adopted the three-person chain gang to suit the difficulty of the terrain.
    Right: Terry decided on a one-person chain gang – cut, paste carry and stack.

    Left: Alongside Pete – Henning was using the cut paste and pass technique…
    Right: …while Rouge demonstrated the carry and dump manoeuvre.

    Left: …as did Deborah.
    Right: Ian was poetry in motion with his technique for longer bamboo stacking starting with the pull…

    …the carry, the stop and raise, the dig and push….

    Left: The action provided a brief respite for Tony who spent most of his time under one of the aviaries – cutting and pasting.
    Right: Others, like Ryan, Monique and Jude, only managed to come up for air occasionally. Piles grew in every direction. And so it went on for three hours.

    But for some stopping was the last thing on their mind. Now a very large aviary sitting on National Parks land was fully in view from all sides.

    One moment we were all taking off our gloves and looking at it and the next moment a team of 8 had formed with the intention of pulling it down there and then.

    And they did, to the ground, finishing just before sunset.

    Ryan Stidwill, Andrew Cutler, Paul Webb, Pete Mace, Henning Loch, John Wood, Tony Shepherd, Ros Forrest and Steve Wells — you made a special day an unbelievable day!

    To all who came and worked on the bamboo — many thanks to each and every one of you. It was a wonderful effort all round.

    And if you stand on this on this site and look the other way — you can see the future.

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