We all love our peaceful, wildlife-filled environment with its great beauty and lovely neighbours. However we can all be annoyed by unexpected intrusive noise, especially on weekends.

It may be the use of power tools such as leaf blowers, whipper snippers and mowers before 8am or after 8pm. Or perhaps the sound of powerboats racing into the bays when people are sleeping in – Sunday morning is a time when serenity is particularly valued.

Sometimes people have loud parties and are unaware of how widely sound can travel around our bays and across the water.

Our sense of community is strong and we passionately believe that consideration and co-operation are vital to a happy, harmonious society.

There are legal restrictions on the use of most power tools before 8am and after 8pm daily but they should be seen as a last resort. The best limits are those we negotiate between ourselves as good neighbours, taking into account not only our own needs but those of others, such as advising about upcoming parties and keeping Sunday maintenance sessions to a minimum (and within friendly hours).

There are also restrictions on boat speeds for important safety reasons, something that also keeps the noise down. It’s a win-win.

Most of all we should be talking to one another. Offshore living is unique and it is a privilege.

Friendly communication, consideration and co-operation are the bedrock.

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