RFS Hazard Reductions

Local Hazard Reductions

In order to reduce the speed, intensity and devastation from wildfires the brigade will often carry out Hazard Reductions (HR) during the cooler months. In 2014 we burnt 500 hectares off the Elvina Trail that will protect us from a fire from the West and North West as well as smaller burns on Rocky and Elvina Points. These controlled burns reduce fuel loads, kill weeds and encourage regeneration in our Spotted Gum forests. The HRs are done in a mosaic pattern to maintain habitat and native fauna movement through the area. Specific lighting patterns are used to ensure the burns run at the correct temperature.

As part of these Hazard Reduction programs we also assist residents with pile burns, giving permits, advice and assistance when needed (usually done as a brigade training exercise).


Property Pile Burns

Between March and October you will just need to hold a Hazard Reduction Certificate to do your burn. During the “Fire Season”, generally the 1st of October to the 31st of March, you will need a permit as well.

For more information about how to apply for a pile burn or hazard reduction on your property see: Pile Burns/Hazard Reduction.