Useful Information

Water Collection

Your property will already have a source of fresh water – rain-water collection, spring water, or as part of a syndicate accessing Sydney Water via underwater pipes (not available in all offshore areas). Regardless of your source you need to manage your usage, storage and disposal (via septic system). Here are some tips:


  • Keep gutters and roof free from leaves, dirt and debris.
  • Minimal bends in downpipes.
  • Install ‘first flush’ devices and filters.
  • Clean filters regularly, especially after a big rain so it’s ready for the next one.

Spring Water

Generally the water supply is unfiltered and untreated, so it is the responsibility of individual households to filter and treat the water if they so desire. Various water filter products or devices are commercially available.

Tanks in general

  • Council requires minimum 10,000 litre tank for NSWRFS use (with a 38mm Storz fitting so water can be drawn off for fire-fighting).
  • Ideally install a 40,000 storage tank. A two tank arrangement could allow you to have a collection/settling tank and a storage tank.
  • Cover overflow or open pipes with gauze to prevent mosquito’s breeding. Adding 5ml of domestic kerosene in non-plastic tanks should deter breeding.
  • Too much organic matter (bark, seeds, leaves) can create problems with your water as well as make it smell, especially in warmer months.

Water wise

Water is a precious resource and should be managed appropriately. Not only do you need to collect it, but you need to manage its disposal too. A few tips:

  • Consider the saying ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down’! Spreading out toilet flushes uses considerably less water.
  • Install a dual flush toilet system.
  • Replace old style bathroom and kitchen tapware with water-saving devices such as aerated shower head, bathroom and kitchen taps.
  • Use AAA rated appliances and wash with a full load.
  • Check and fix any dripping taps and pipes.
  • Don’t fill up the bath.

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