Getting Around


The Northern Beaches on demand service provides a fast, reliable and personalised travel experience.

Customers are in control of their transport journeys, and can book a vehicle to pick them up from their home, designated pick up point or nearest bus stop and take them directly to the closest B-Line transport hub.

The Northern Beaches catchment area is split into two operational on demand zones:

  • Zone 1 – North Narrabeen to Mona Vale
  • Zone 2 – Mona Vale to Palm Beach

The on demand service operates during the following timeframes:

  • Weekdays 6am – 10pm
  • Saturday 7am – 7pm
  • Sunday 7am – 5pm


  1. via Phone – 1800 536 743
  2. Through the Keoride app – Download the app and register now by searching for ‘Keoride’ in your app store or clicking the icons below.