There are informal mooring protocols in place relating to position on public wharves. Basically the longer you stay the better your mooring spot. New residents should moor at the furthest location from the seaward end of the jetty. As people move out from the area, everyone takes a turn at moving along into deeper water. Adherence to this system stops any problems. It’s just fairer.

And don’t let anyone tell you private moorings under the control of NSW Maritime are transferable with houses. They are not. Applications for a mooring have to be made by new residents and are subject to waiting lists. Again its a fairness thing as moorings are limited.

Commuter Wharf Permits

  • Council require proof of off-shore residency for all new applications.
  • Proof of off-shore residency is in the form of a current driver’s licence, rental agreement or utility notice.

License and Permits

You need a permit or licence to tie up to the following Council Wharves:

  • Church Point Commuter Wharf
  • Cargo Wharf – Scotland Island
  • Careel Bay Wharf
  • Mackerel Beach Wharf

Application Form

More information and application forms are available from the Northern Beaches Council Wharves Page.