NBN inspections underway in West Pittwater

NBN inspection activities are currently being carried out in West Pittwater and will continue until June 23. The inspections are being undertaken by UCG, the contractors for this project.

In general, the activities involve a visual inspection of the premises and any common areas within its boundaries, as well as any existing telecommunications networks. The inspection may include walking around the outside of the premises, taking photos and recording relevant information.

Please let technicians know if there are any specific requirements or considerations (e.g. locked gates) to gain access to your property or if your Telstra connection is via a conduit. Phone 1300 855 041 or email admin@ucg.com.au. Be sure to include your name, contact number and address.

Please be reminded you must have an order placed with your preferred retail service provider. 

For any queries regarding the NBN project please contact: secretary@westpittwater.com.au

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