Dress code: safety first

In the June edition of BaysNews there was a reminder of the need for nav lights to be in working order – and to be used – and a refresher on speed limits when on the water. This month we turn to the crucial matter of lifejackets.

Transport for NSW boating safety office Nathan Adamson points out that all boat users need to be aware of what they have to carry to make sure everyone is kept safe. That includes having enough lifejackets for everyone on board and making sure that children under the age of 12 wear a lifejacket.

A young visitor prepares for his trip to visit family on the Western Foreshores. Photo by Joanna Zhou

There are quite a few regulations to be across, including – but not limited to – wearing a lifejacket when you’re in enclosed waters and alone on a boat up to 4.8m long. That’s a basic requirement for those zipping to and fro in commuter boats during daylight hours, but it is only the beginning.

Nathan says unfortunately there have been fatalities when a person without a lifejacket has fallen from their boat.

“Another requirement people may not be aware of is that you have to service your inflatable lifejacket. This is vital. It’s a requirement by law to write down the date of purchase and every 12 months the lifejacket needs to be serviced and the service history recorded. Because if that’s not done it’s not considered a lifejacket.”

Inflatable lifejackets generally have a designated place inside where the information can be recorded. The penalty for not fulfilling this requirement is $250.

All the regulations can be found here:


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