Colin Beashel Marine

Colin Beashel Marine


Colin Beashel Marine provides boatbuilding, mooring, rigging and maintenance services on sunny Pittwater, just north of the iconic Sydney Harbour.

Colin Beashel Marine is a full-service marina with several experienced boatbuilders on staff. Located on Pittwater, Colin Beashel Marine provide boatbuilding, rigging, mooring & maintenance services.


Restore your boat to its former glory or upgrade to the boat of your dreams with our quality shipwright and boatbuilding services.


Get convenient, easy access to your boat and enjoy it more by mooring your boat in the protected environment of Elvina Bay.


Keep your boat’s rigging well-maintained and set sail with confidence using our rigging installation and maintenance services.


Colin Beashel Marine’s slipping system consists of four cradles, capable of holding boats up to 40 tonne. Our team has years of experience slipping boats of various shapes and sizes, and can ensure your boat gets up and down safely.


Improve the performance and longevity of your boat with regular antifouling. Our team uses the highest quality materials combined with years of experience to provide a high-quality and cost-effective service.