Events Details


West Pittwater RFS wish to advise of the following Hazard Burns

Scotland Island

There will be a small burn (1.6 hectares) on Scotland Island on Saturday morning, 5th March.

The Basin

 Monday March 7th, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th 

The Rural Fire Service and National Parks and Wildlife will be conducting a 300 ha Hazard Reduction at the Basin and Coasters Retreat starting on 7th March and continuing up to the 9th March.

This burn will provide future protection to the residents of Coasters Retreat, Currawong and Mackerel Beach and create a safety zone around the camping grounds at the Basin in the event of a Major Bushfire.

Smoke will be seen throughout Pittwater during the 3 days of the burn, but especially Morning Bay and Towlers Bay and especially on Monday 7th March. We ask all residents to be vigilant and if they see a fire that is not being attended by a fire truck or fire boat to please ring 000 to report it.

The attached map shows the area where the burn will take place. If you have any queries regarding this burn please contact the Warringah Pittwater Rural Fire Office during office hours on 9450 3000.