Community Services

Community Services

We run community education events and are always on hand as the point of contact for the community when it comes to fire safety advice. This includes training and support of the local CFUs (Community Fire Units).

As part of these Hazard Reduction programmes we also assist residents with pile burns, giving permits and advice and assistance when needed (usually done as a brigade training exercise).

The Brigade runs days where we demonstrate to the community how to:

  • Use, run and maintain pumps.
  • How to prepare their houses for the bushfire season.
  • Help with developing their own Bush Fire Plan.
  • Provide information on how to deal with kitchen fires and chimney fires.

As we are remote from normal medical service, we can be called on to assist with Search and Rescue and Medical Evacuations of community members to onshore medical facilities.

Community Dinners in the Park

During daylight savings the Brigade holds twilight dinners in the park on the 1st Saturday of the month, November till March, at either the Elvina Bay or Lovett Bay fire sheds. These dinners bring the community together so the residents get to know each other and hopefully join and become active in our brigade. Neighbours also have an opportunity to ask questions and advice on where to get further information around the prevention of fire.