Pasadena boundary changes ok by Council

Northern Beaches Council has advised the West Pittwater Community Association it has no objection to boundary changes to the Pasadena, set out in the Pasadena’s recent application to Liquor & Gaming NSW.

WPCA argued that the proposal represented an intensification of the site which would add even more pressure on parking for residents at Church Point. WPCA also objected to the application on the basis that it seeks to change the boundaries of the licensed parts of the premises to incorporate an area (the larger shop) into a use that was not approved by a Northern Beaches Council Determination in May 2021.

In a letter to the WPCA dated October 6, Council responded that the land in question benefits from existing use rights and cited an ordinance “applicable to the floorspace seeking the extension of the boundaries of the liquor licence”.  

Council said the Cumberland Planning Ordinance, 1951 defined “Shop” as:

“any building or place or portion of a building or place, used for the purposes of exposing or offering goods for the sale by retail, and any premises which may be licensed by the council as a refreshment room and any premises licensed under the Liquor Act 1912, as amended by subsequent Acts.”

Council said that in this regard the existing shop has development consent for a use which may permit licensed areas under subsequent Liquor Acts. “Therefore, Council raises no objection to application number SR0000681338.”

Liquor & Gaming NSW is yet to make its determination on the Pasadena’s application.

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