Parcel pandemic

Online shopping is a boon to mankind, especially during periods of lockdown. Wine, shoes, clothing, chocolates, books, whatever – just tap your order into the laptop and not long afterwards you’re able to pop over to the Church Point Post Office to pick it up. Those last three words are the vital ones: pick it up.

Anyone who has been to the Post Office in the past couple of weeks will have seen it is drowning in parcels, and at a rate that far exceeds the perennial Christmas rush. Where a busy month before Christmas might see the delivery of something like 2,000 parcels, there were about 2,800 parcels dropped off at Church Point Post Office in June and July is looking even more hectic.

People don’t need to stop ordering online. It’s the sensible thing to do during lockdown. However, they do need to take heed of those texts that advise delivery has been made and get over to the Post Office pronto. Bravo Postmaster Brian for his patience and fortitude. Please help him out.

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