Mackellar Matters report

Encouraging community participation in civic life

Over a 6 month period (November 2020 to May 2021) the Voices Of Mackellar team listened to and recorded the opinions of over 430 Mackellar residents on a range of subjects, including their experiences of living in Mackellar, their hopes and concerns for the future of life in Mackellar, and their thoughts on their political representation.

Using the Kitchen Table (KTC) format developed by the Victorian Women’s Trust and used by other ‘Voices’ groups, gatherings of between 3 to 10 residents met for up to 2 hours to talk through a pre-determined series of questions, with a further 10% answering the questions via an online questionnaire in May 2021.

Please note that in this report we speak of “responses” being opinions of participants in our Kitchen Table Conversations rather than number of respondents.

Our Kitchen Table Conversations have demonstrated that the Mackellar community is a strong community built upon a network of family, friends, schools, sporting and social clubs.

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