Jammin’ raises the roof – and funds

The Gentlys in action – Photo courtesy Greg Hurst

Poor weather may have prevented Jammin’ the Bays from going ahead recently but a resourceful band of musicians and helpers refused to give in. Jammin’ the Shed was born.

On May 29, Lovett Bay Fire Shed was the venue for an afternoon of exuberant performances by local artists, attended by about 100 music-lovers from the bays and Scotland Island. The event raised more than $1,000 for West Pittwater Community Association. It goes towards the cost of WPCA’s website and communications.

Jammin’ the Shed was above all a demonstration of generosity. All performers donated their talents in support of WPCA, as did so many helpers who spent hours setting up the shed for the event and then, as organiser Greg Hurst reports, restoring it to better-than-ever condition afterwards.

Don’t Tell Mama – Photo courtesy Greg Hurst

Four local bands provided the superb entertainment and all were greatly appreciated. In order of appearance they were: Salvation Creek (Angus, Ek, Justin and Seb); Sky Juice (Alby and Matt); The Gentlys (David, Kris, Rod, Ron and Suzanne, plus Louise and the Gs); Don’t Tell Mamma (Dave, David, Jodie, Paul, Rob and Suzanne).

On the support side, Kris Ferguson provided and set up sound and lighting while Suzanne Plater arranged tables and dressed the shed. Terry Longhurst, Pete Mace and Les Peirce provided crucial amounts of time and muscle.

Thanks also to the Jammin’ production team of Greg Hurst, David Richards, Kris Ferguson, Ron Thiessen and Suzanne Plater who kept the faith and the project alive. Greg told BaysNews he was really happy for the performers that they were finally able to get this big show in front of a big audience. (And BaysNews thanks you especially, Greg.)

“There was a lot of giving,” one very happy attendee told BaysNews. “It was a great atmosphere of warmth and conviviality with friends and neighbours getting together to play really cool music in the service of the community.”

It didn’t take long for people to take to the dance floor, encouraged in the first instance by Sky Juice’s Alby on harmonica and buoyed by the great spirit of friendship that brought everyone together.

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