How Safe is the Water?

Whether you’re swimming in it or drinking it, offshore residents want to know their water is safe.

While most of us love our tank water, fresh from the sky or the escarpments sometimes there’s a niggling doubt that it doesn’t look, smell or taste quite right.

Also the waters of the bays can be suspect. Who hasn’t gone down for an early morning swim and seen a suspicious greasy scum floating on the water and wondered if it didn’t come from the bilge of a nearby lived-on yacht.

So if you’re worried there’s a way you can find out.

Sonic Food and Water Testing at Penrith can do testing of water for bacteria.
Cost is $35.26

Process is.
Obtain a sterile sampling jar and sampling form from DHM at Akuna Lane Mona vale, size for 100ml minimum sample size.

Collect sample, recording relevant date location and return contact details on label on container and separate form

  • deliver sample to DHM on same day as sampling. It must be kept sterile.
  • Note: courier from Mona Vale to Sonic (at Penrith) leaves at about 11am. However, confirm this at time of getting sample jar.

Concerns about water quality in our Bays can be reported to Beachwatch.

Feature Image: Title: Lovett Bay facing north.  Painting by Michelle Ball.

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