Church Point parking strategy

At its meeting on October 26, Northern Beaches Council unanimously agreed to seek a report “outlining the cost and the process for a review of the Church Point Parking Demand Management Strategy to determine what the available parking resources are in the overall precinct (including from Holmeport to Rowland Reserve), noting the seasonal demand and to include the period when both the Pasadena and Waterfront Café are operating normally”.

The review would include:

  • Parking occupancy
  • Parking turnover
  • Demographic of the users of the parking
  • Time restrictions and whether the restrictions meet the needs of all the communities that use this parking
  • Feasibility of options for expanding parking and commuter boat berthing facilities at Rowland Reserve, Bayview Baths and Taylors Point, noting this has not been regarded as viable or safe in the past
  • Options for Keoride or similar transport from Rowland Reserve to Church Point and Mona Vale, including to provide for visitors to the Church Point area
  • Consideration of amenity for the local community and other users of Church Point facilities
  • A consideration of an additional row of parking for Church Point permit holders from 6pm to 6am in the main carpark
  • A consideration of increasing policing of the carpark and drop off zone off commuter wharf to ensure compliance
  • Considering and recognising the contribution in both time and funding for the current parking infrastructure by the offshore community
  • A consideration of how to best balance the needs of offshore residents, onshore residents, and businesses
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