Blackout underlines need for power reliability

When the lights – and everything else requiring electricity – went off in the bays on October 6, it was a reminder of the fragility of Ausgrid’s power supply system in West Pittwater. While power was restored quickly in McCarrs Creek and parts of Elvina Bay, homes further along had to rely on personal generators for about a day.

Ausgrid generators were put in place to service residents of Morning Bay and the north side of Lovett Bay, who were still relying on those generators a week after the blackout. That need is likely to remain for some weeks until a vital part required for network repair is delivered. Ausgrid says maintenance will be carried out on the generators fortnightly as long as required, weather permitting, and that affected customers will be texted ahead of time to alert them.

Meanwhile, work has started on Ausgrid’s West Pittwater Reliability Project. Drilling to enable the installation of a submarine cable between Lovett Bay and Catherine Park on Scotland Island was expected to begin on October 11 and continue through October. Ausgrid advises that due to delays caused by the pandemic, work hours have been extended to include weekends.

Utilities and infrastructure company Ultegra will undertake the work on behalf of Ausgrid in conjunction with specialist contractors.

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Feature Image: Ultegra equipment on Bona Crescent

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