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Content Submission Guidelines

Do you have an experience, a passion, or knowledge about the local environment, interests and living in the Western Foreshore and Pittwater?

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and experiences with the community?

The Western Foreshores is a community that "recognise that we are stewards of the character, culture and unique environment of West Pittwater". (read more about us)

Our website is a forum where we can share personal stories, interests, knowledge, and tips on living a healthy, balanced life, offshore in Pittwater.

Do you want to be a part of creating this community with us?

What We’re Looking for

We’re seeking diverse voices and experiences to feature.

We seek content from Pittwater residents, and others who are passionate about local projects, experiences, lifestyle and environment.

Here are some examples of the types of content we want to include:

  • Do you have tips about living offshore in Pittwater - eg boat tips, composting, fire pits, sailing, building etc?
  • Stories about Offshore/pittwater culture, history, personal experiences ?
  • Projects or programs or educative resources that would benefit the local communities?

What We Publish

We share articles that are helpful, accessible, and inspiring.

What We Dont Publish

  • is (or is seen to be) political, such as media releases (this is can be submitted to
  • promotes (or is seen to promote) commercial products, services or organisations
  • isn't useful to our target audience.

Submission Guidelines

Original content
We prefer original content, that has not already been published on your personal website or other digital platforms. If you would like to submit a piece of content that has been previously published, please let us know where it has been published and we can consider options for publication. If you wish to republish a piece of content you have already submitted us, please include link back to its live page on

Word Count.
Optimal article length is between 500 and 1,000 words. Keep in mind: Sometimes less is more - Try to keep in succinct .

Type of Content
Here are some examples of the types of content we encourage:

  • How-to’s … answer not only the “how” but the “why” something is important
  • Instructional articles
  • Videos
  • Articles that imply a problem and offer a solution on how to fix it
  • Quick hits of information
  • Straightforward information
  • Tips/Ways/Strategies for people to improve their lives offshore
  • Lighter stories with some humor
  • Success Stories
  • Specific articles: solving specific problems or answering specific questions
  • Myth-busters
  • Seasonal content, relevant to time of year, holiday, weather, etc…

Grammar, Spelling, and Style
Your writing must display a solid command of English grammar and spelling. Your content must also be clearly written and easy to follow.

A sincere "thank you" is our only form of compensation. All content is submitted on the understanding that it is given freely with no strings attached.

No Promises
We cannot promise publication until we have a chance to review a submission.

Terms and Conditions.

By submitting your article for consideration, you are giving us:

  1. rights to publish your content, and
  2. permission to make adjustments to your content as our editors see fit.

Here’s How to Submit

Send your article of 500–1,000 words to

Please make sure the file is a word document, and make sure to attach any photos you may have (and have rights to) that accompany your article

Include your full name - and let us know if you want to be identified as the author.

Thank you for your interest in helping us to create this inspiring community!

We are looking forward to reading your submissions.

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