Wildlife Camera Monitoring

Saturday, June 06, 2015

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Many thanks to those of you who made it to the Wildlife Camera Monitoring Workshop on Monday. Pittwater Council came in strength (Andrew Jennings, Karin Nippard and Sonia Elswood) with knowledge and real enthusiasm for our project. 

Elvina and Lovett Bay locals were joined by Towlers Bay's Larry Eastwood, Coasters Retreat's Andrew Warden, and Marita Macrae from Pittwater Natural Heritage Association who is supplying us with a third camera for a month. 

Attached are some nesting box photos from Saturday night and Monday night. On Saturday the camera was 2 metres from the nesting box. On Monday the camera was 50 cm from the nesting box. As you can see focal length is critical. Tonight the camera is 1 metre from the box. Here's hoping... 

 Many thanks to the Bay's Bakers for the yummy cakes and cookies and I know we all look forward to Pittwater Council's further generous contribution of a Squirrel Glider Box to our monitoring project. Finally a big welcome to new project team members Virginia Reid of McCarrs Creek and Justin Punch from Woody Point.

Wildlife Camera Instructions

Wildlife Camera Instructions Wildlife Camera Instructions (39 KB)

Nesting Box Observations

Google Docs Online Observation

Nesting Box Locations Map

Nesting Box Images

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