The tree covered slopes form an integral part of the character of the Western Shores. The endangered Pittwater Spotted Gum Forest is the dominant ecological community. Under the canopy is a layer of tall shrubs and small trees of medium to high density and vines with smaller shrubs and grasses at the forest floor level.

For additional information about local flora please also refer to The Northern Beaches Herbarium Website

If you are interested in planting natives or identifying a plant in your garden Pittwater Council has compiled a comprehensive list of local native plants.

Pittwater_Flora-list Pittwater_Flora-list (10403 KB)

Anyone wishing to remove a tree should refer to Council’s regulations before proceeding. Click here for more info.

Prickly Moses- Acacia UlicifoliaSydney Red Gum - Angophora costataSydney Red Gum - Angophora costata
Aotus - Aotus EricoidesAotus - Aotus EricoidesPinnate boronIa - Boronia pinnata
Red bloodwood -Corymbia gummiferaRed bloodwood -Corymbia gummiferaSpotted Gum - Corymbia maculata
Spotted Gum - Corymbia maculataCoral heath - Epacris microphyllaNative fuschia - Epacris longiflora
Coral heath - Epacris microphyllaNative fuschia - Epacris longifloraScribbly gum -Eucalyptus haemastoma
Scribbly gum -Eucalyptus haemastomaPink spider - Grevillea sericeaPink spider - Grevillea sericea
Red spider Flower - Grevillea speciosaRed spider Flower - Grevillea speciosaDrum sticks - Isopogon Anethifolius
Drum sticks - Isopogon AnethifoliusSilky purple flag-patersonia sericea
Geebung or snotty gobble - Persoonia levisGeebung or snotty gobble - Persoonia levisNative holly or Bacon and Eggs - Podoloblium ilicifolium
Native holly or Bacon and Eggs - Podoloblium ilicifoliumWaratah - Telopea speciosissimaWaratah - Telopea speciosissima

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