Botanical name: Ochna serrulata
Noxious Weed Category: Class 4

Ochna Ochna
Flower detail Leaf and fruit

Ochna Ochna Ochna
Green Fruit Ripe Fruit Photos: Adam Burrowes


Also known as Mickey Mouse Bush or Bird's Eye Bush. Originating from South Africa, Ochna is a angular hardy shrub to 2m high grown commonly as ornamental and garden hedge. Ochna has light brown, slightly rough stems, and shiny, fine toothed leaves. New bronze leaf growth appears in Spring, at the same time as the flowers.

Brigth yellow flowers, flowering in spring. Crown of the black berries surrounded by red sepals "petals" occurring in autumn.


Birds, dumping of clippings.

Impact on bushland

Ochna has naturalised in bushland as the copious supply of seeds in suburban gardens is readily available to foraging birds.

Control Measures

The growth of the plant must be managed in a manner that reduces its numbers, spread and incidence and continuously inhibits its reproduction and the plant must not be sold, propagated or knowingly distributed.



  • Removal is made difficult due to extended taproot. Even tiny seedlings resist hand pulling.
  • Small pieces of root will reshoot, so all the roots must be dug out.
  • Alternatively cut through the main stem and scour or scrape the bark below with cut with a sharp knife. Paint with an undiluted Glyphosate-based product.

See Manual Weed Control Techniques.

Chemical: Please contact your local control authority for advice on chemical control.

Suggested alternatives

Tea Trees (Leptospermum spp), Geebung (Persoonia spp)


Source: Pittwater Council

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