Ehrharta - panic grass

Environmental Weed
Botanical name:
Ehrharta erecta

Ehrharta Base Ehrharta LeafPhoto: Adam Burrowes


Also called Panic Veldt Grass. Originating from South Africa, a perrenial grass forming a tussock to 60cm high, usually less. Bright green soft narrow leaves about 10cm long.

Seed head with green or cream seeds in a spray 3 to 30 cm long. All but the very youngest plants carry a seed head.

Impact on bushland

An under-estimated and serious weed of gardens and bushland, because it is so prolific and dominates the ground layer to the exclusion of every other plant at that level. Thrives in sun or heavy shade, constantly bears seed. Invades undisturbed areas by growing up through other ground covers and small shrubs.


Manual: Knife out crown, bagging all plants as most will have seed.
See Manual Weed Control Techniques.
Chemical: Please contact your local control authority for advice on chemical cointrol.

Similar species


Source: Pittwater Council

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