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Erecting fences may require Council approval. To determine if approval is required please visit the Council website for more details

Dividing Fence

Properties that are identified as heritage, flood control or foreshore lots will require a Development Application and consideration by Council. You should refer to your locality in Council's Pittwater 21 Development Control Plan under "Fences" for specific requirements for fencing that may apply to your property.


Northern Beaches Council

Fence DCP for Lower Western Foreshores. Pittwater 21 Development Control Plan (14/11/15), Lower Western Foreshores and Scotland Island Locality,

(See P21 DCP Vol 3 – Part D, D8.10 Fences, p202.)

Council Development Control Plan Part D (see section 8.10) Council Development Control Plan Part D (see section 8.10) (6213 KB)

Rural Fire Service

Fast-Fact-Fences-or-Gates-in-Bush-Fire-Prone-Areas Fast-Fact-Fences-or-Gates-in-Bush-Fire-Prone-Areas (546 KB)

Crowns Lands

Crown Lands - waterfront_facility_policy.pdf Crown Lands - waterfront_facility_policy.pdf (1384 KB)

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