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updated October 2017

Companion animals are an important part of our offshore society. In addition to the general council regulations, there are, however, a number of special obligations relating to offshore pet ownership, particularly in relation to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and Pittwater beaches.

The keeping of cats, rabbits and ferrets is discouraged as their presence can be very dangerous to wildlife. Any such pets must be contained wholly within the owner’s property.

For the many dog-owners in the community, here is a reminder of regulations set down by Northern Beaches Council and NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service to promote safety for wildlife and preservation of the environment. They also help to maintain harmony between neighbours.

To report a nuisance animal

Contact: Northern Beaches Council Ranger on 9970 1111.
Open 8am-5pm Mon- Fri. Calls after hours are handled through a call centre.
For more information: See The Northern Beaches Council website

Please note: The WPCA does not and cannot implement Council or NPWS regulations.

Key points:

  • Dogs must be managed so as not to stray from their properties. 
  • They can be walked on public tracks outside the National Park if they are on a leash at all times. 
  • Dogs are not permitted on any beaches other than those designated as special exercise areas.
  • Dogs, other than certified assistance animals, are not permitted in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park at any time. 
  • Any deposits should be picked up and disposed of properly. 
  • Residents should ensure their guests are aware of these requirements. 


Northern Beaches Council and NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service can apply a range of heavy penalties for failure to comply with its regulations. Council’s penalties range from $175 to $550; NPWS penalties can be as high as $3300.

Please note: The WPCA does not and cannot implement Council or NPWS regulations.

Off Leash Exercise Areas

This Northern Beaches Council link can be used to find areas where dogs are welcome to exercise off-leash.

For your guidance

Northern Beaches Council regulations Northern Beaches Council has specific regulations relating to companion animals in its Development Control Plans – DCP21.

The DCP is designed to provide guidance to persons carrying out development on land in Pittwater. Where development consent is required for development in the Lower Western Foreshore Locality (LWFL) such as to build or modify a dwelling house, Council may impose conditions on that consent, including the restrictions in D8.12 Companion Animals, provided such conditions are valid in the circumstances.

1. D8.12 Companion Animals - Lower Western Foreshores

D8.12 Companion animals

Land to which this control appliesLand in the Lower Western Foreshores Locality Excluding Scotland Island - P21DCP-D08MDCP403


  • Achieve the desired future character of the Locality. (S) 
  • To protect native wildlife. (En) 
  • To stop domestic animals entering/colonising bushland reserves and the National Park. (En)


  • The keeping of cats, ferrets and rabbits is prohibited. 
  • Owners who wish to keep permitted domestic animals shall prevent them from entering the National Park and any Wildlife Protection Area at all times.
  • A maximum of 2 dogs are permitted per household.


Current owners of cats are permitted to retain them provided they are kept within a cat run or inside the dwelling at all times. Cats are not to be replaced.
Where more than two dogs are currently registered to a property they may be retained, but replacement must result in no more than two dogs per dwelling.

Information to be shown on the Development Drawings

  • Details of any existing and/or proposed animal containment fencing.

Information to be included in the Statement of Environmental Effects

  • An explanation of how the development proposal will ensure that no new domestic cats will be introduced into the area as a result of the development, and what measures are proposed to ensure existing domestic cats and other domestic animals will be confined within the property boundary at all times. 
2. Northern Beaches Council: Dogs & Cats.
3.Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

(Controlled by National Parks and Wildlife Service)
Pets and domestic animals (other than certified assistance animals) are not permitted. See the OEH pets in parks policy for more information.

Your responsible animal ownership is welcomed and is a reflection on all other responsible animal owners in the community

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