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Scotland Island and West Pittwater

Bushfire Service Replacement Program

(Updated 3 May 2018)

The program

Ausgrid has a targeted asset replacement program in high risk bushfire areas, such as Scotland Island and West Pittwater. Before the commencement of the next bushfire season in September 2018, Ausgrid has identified network services that require replacement and will be undertaking this program from 21 May 2018. In conjunction with our own asset replacement, Ausgrid and its contractors will be working with the community to ensure privately owned assets also comply with bushfire standards. Weather permitting, we expect the program to be completed by early August.

How to identify private poles and wires

There are many different arrangements for supplying electricity to homes and businesses across Ausgrid’s distribution area. Ausgrid has responsibility for building and maintaining the electricity network in the street, public areas and supplying power to the connection point on your property. Property owners are responsible for the electrical assets on their property beyond this connection point, including all private power poles, powerlines and pole-top fittings. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure assets on private property are safely maintained.

Information to help property owners identify private poles and wires versus network assets is available on the Scotland Island project page on the Ausgrid website

Maintaining private poles and wires

As part of our program to replace network services, Ausgrid is not able to work on or replace private poles or wires. While carrying out our asset work, the crews may be

identifying any high level emergency bushfire risks on private properties that require immediate attention and action.

Property owners will be notified of any work that is required

–which may include vegetation management, maintenance or replacement of poles or wires.

In conjunction with the network upgrade program, private contractors will also inspect all private poles and wires to ensure they meet the required bushfire standards. Owners of private power poles and overhead powerlines that do not comply with the new standards , will be issued with a notice detailing the defect, what action is required and by when.

Where rectification is required it will be the responsibility of individual properties to organise and carry out the work required to meet the bushfire standards.

For property owners concerned with cost and who may be facing financial hardship, Ausgrid has a hardship assistance policy which may be accessible. This assists to ensure this important work is completed. Information is available on the website


Scotland Island

Ausgrid plans to setup a temporary work site at the rural fire shed on Scotland Island for the duration of the program. Ausgrid vehicles are required to park on the Robertson

Road shoulder beside the fire station to ensure access is maintained to the fire shed at all times. We ask residents with vehicles parked at this location to find alternative parking during the works.

West Pittwater

Ausgrid staff will access the Western Foreshore via the National Park and fire trials and plan to utilise existing storage areas at the RFS sheds.

Drop in for more information

The project team will be available on Monday mornings from 7 May between 8-9am at the RFS shed on Scotland Island for residents to drop in with any questions or queries regarding the upcoming work.

Key dates

7th May 2018 - Monday morning drop in sessions at the RFS shed on Scotland Island

16 May 2018 - Set up temporary work site at the RFS shed on Scotland Island

21 May 2018 - Start the wire replacement program and Monday morning drop in sessions

Contacting us

You are welcome to contact us with any enquiries: Call 1800 604 765 (free call from fixed phones)


Ausgrid Bushfire Service Flyer Ausgrid Bushfire Service Flyer (259 KB)

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