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Yoga on Scotland Island
Posted: Tuesday 26 February 2019

Yoga on Scotland Island
Mondays are back 7- 8:15pm Easy Hatha
Saturdays 8:30 - 9:45am Vinyasa
Birth Education and Doula services also available


Pittwater Offshore Wine Syndicate TASTING
Posted: Saturday 23 February 2019

Your hard working committee are pleased to present news of our next tasting and to be able to provide you with the tasting notes and the inevitable price list.


Refill your Shampoo and Conditioner , laundry Detergent, Dishwashing liquid
Posted: Monday 26 November 2018

We now have the refillery you can bring in your bottles & top up your dishwashing detergent, Shampoo & Conditioner , Laundry detergent and Body wash.


Knives Sharpening - Friday 7th December
Posted: Monday 26 November 2018

Our ace knife sharpener will be at Pasadena Pantry On Friday 7th December. If you like: Drop then off the day before , wrapped in a tea towel with your
name and we'll sharpen them for you.


Posted: Sunday 30 September 2018

Our bread comes from La Banette in Mona Vale, our fruit and vegetables come from Alex’s farm in Orange (next time you come in, ask to try one of his apples, they’re wonderfully sweet and crisp), our milk comes directly from farmer...

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Yoga on Scotland Island
Posted: Tuesday 11 September 2018

Please join us for your Spring Yoga Practice on Scotland Island.
Monday nights Yin Yang at 7 -8:15pm, suitable for beginners
Saturdays 8:30- 9:45am Slow Flow
2 week intro $29
All equipment provided. No bookings n...


Pile Burns
Posted: Saturday 1 September 2018

With pressure from the EPA due to clean air concerns the RFS has had to become more stringent on the application of Hazard Reduction rules.

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Local Artist Specialist in Dog Paintings
Posted: Monday 13 August 2018

Local Artist Elvina Bay


Help The Island Kindy win a garden package
Posted: Friday 6 April 2018

Each garden set includes:
3 x garden beds
2 x custom-made benches
1 x rubbish bin
1 x sign
+ $500 Bunnings voucher


Organic Fruit & Veg box $30 - flowers $30
Posted: Wednesday 21 March 2018

I am starting up a co-op for all off-shore residents in Pittwater.
Weekly orders - no lock in
$30 Organic Fruit and Veg box
$25 bouquet of flowers.
Text message send out every Tuesday to all co-op members with a r...


Volunteers Wanted
Posted: Wednesday 19 April 2017

This social support program aims to link older individuals in society who are socially isolated with you, our Community Companions.

Subject to a Criminal Record and Reference Check anyone over the age of 18 can be a Commu...


Elvina Bay Bootcamp - Now 3 sessions a week
Posted: Monday 6 March 2017

Due to popular demand - The Elvina Bay bootcamp is being held at 3 times a week.


Dummies Guide to Waste & Recycling :)
Posted: Friday 8 January 2016

Problems with overfull bins. Whilst we all accumulate a heap of bottles (!!) and other recycling over this period, please be aware that if the lids of the recycling bins do not close, there is a danger that items will be blown int...