Pittwater 2020

Pittwater Strategic Vision

2020 Strategic Plan - Our Sustainable Future.

How can we improve upon this in the next two decades to 2020? The resounding answer from our community members is to retain and protect our environment, but just as importantly, to strengthen our sense of belonging and support one another as a true community. It is this overriding sentiment that is captured within Pittwater’s Vision:

to be a vibrant sustainable community of connected villages inspired by bush, beach and water”.

Pittwater Council understands that good places to live don’t just happen. Rather they are built by vision, ideas and a shared commitment for improvement. Pittwater is embarking on an ambitious journey toward a sustainable future through a community wide Plan called Pittwater’s 2020 Strategic Plan – Our Sustainable Future.

This is Pittwater’s first real strategy that analyses what is important to us as a community both now and in the future, addresses the impact of climate change and acknowledges the role that both the community and Council play as leaders and stewards in building a better and more sustainable future for Pittwater. 

 The development of this Strategic Plan marks the beginning of an exciting era in our community. It will see us move forward together and strongly influence our future, while continuing to recognise and protect our past for the benefit of future generations.

Cr David JamesMayor

Pittwater 2020 Strategic Plan Pittwater 2020 Strategic Plan (6391 KB)

Source: Pittwater Council 

Pittwater Waterway Review

Pittwater Council are commencing work on a review of the Pittwater waterway known as, the Pittwater Waterway Review – Our Waterway’s Future (the Review).

You are invited to participate in the Review by identifying what you consider to be the major issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Pittwater waterway. The responses provided will be used to develop and formulate the Pittwater Waterway Review Discussion Paper, which will be placed on exhibition in early 2016.

The Review is in its early stages and Council is working with a diverse range of stakeholders to gather vital information and data to inform and guide the project. The key aim of the Review is to ensure the ecologically sustainable management of the Pittwater waterway now and into the future. The Review will include identifying issues, engaging with relevant stakeholders and balancing the diverse range of competing environmental, economic, social and governance interests.

If you are interested in participating in the Review you are encouraged to complete the online survey on Council’s website and you may provide a written response to the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Pittwater waterway before 30th October, 2015.

Click here for the online survey.