Aged care giant Japana plans Belrose centre


Source: Robbie Patterson, Manly Daily

An artists impression of the Japara aged care centre. Picture: Supplied.

An artists impression of the Japara aged care centre. Picture: Supplied.

Aged care giant Japana reveals plans for 116-room facility in Belrose

AGED-care  giant Japara Healthcare plans to replace a four-bedroom home in Belrose with a residential five-storey facility.

The 116-room aged-care centre would be the first on the northern beaches by the ASX-listed company.

But its height, bulk and scale has upset neighbours.

There have also been concerns raised about a significant loss of trees on the 1.03ha site at 169 Forest Way, with at least 55 trees facing the chop.

An artists impression of the Japara aged care centre from Childs Circuit Belrose.

An application prepared for the $26.5 million centre argued the property was set back from the street front. It also pointed out that the topography of the land meant a large amount of the centre would be below eye level.

Residents have also highlighted parking as a concern, believing the proposed 33 spaces would be inadequate and force staff to park in nearby streets.

A large amount of submissions were made to Northern Beaches Council, many of which contested an entry and exit being placed on Childs Circuit in addition to its Forest Way access point.

Concerns have been raised around emergency vehicle entry and exit as well as fire safety. Japara has proposed an 85m radius around the buildings to be cleared of vegetation.

Plans for a Japara aged care centre in Belrose

The development has been lodged as a state-significant plan, given the need for aged care.

“Given the projected annual increase in numbers of the ‘over 55s age cohort’ for the region, and the existing shortage of facilities, this development will provide a much-needed opportunity for older people and people with a disability to remain in their local area,” the report said.

The council will assess the plan and a decision on its approval will be made by the Sydney North Planning Panel.

Japara declined to comment on specifics of the DA but said it respected the opinions of its neighbours.


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