West Pittwater Community Association

The West Pittwater Community Association recognise that we are stewards of the character, culture and unique environment of West Pittwater.  Stewardship is such a privilege and so essential. Few communities have been able to maintain this delicate balance. 

The Association's support to our members falls into four key service areas:

  1. Providing a Collective Voice
  2. Helping Facilitate Happy Communities
  3. Protecting the Environment
  4. Representating the Community to Government

All new residents are welcomed and invited to join.

Our Vision

To be a supportive community, encouraging and promoting civic pride, interest in community affairs and goodwill amongst residents. 

To protect local fauna and flora and generally preserve West Pittwater and its environs.  

To secure essential facilities including public wharves and reserves and to protect private and public property. 

To speak with one voice and represent the interests of the Western Foreshore community when in discussion with Northern Beaches Council and other relevant government bodies.

Upcoming Events