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State of Elvina Track

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28-Oct-2016 08:09 PM


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I've been jogging and/or walking up the track to West Head Rd for nearly 30 years now and I have never seen it in a worse state than it is right now.

I've found you need tougher and tougher walking shoes to feel comfortable and when jogging (both up and down) there are really serious trip hazards - all from the number of rocks and some tree roots now exposed.

Whatever the cause, whether  it's East Coast Lows, increased traffic, wear and tear - I think it's time for the state of our track to be recognised and rectified.

Question is - who puts their hand up for this? Can WPCA make representation to someone perhaps, whether it's National Parks, Council, RFS or all of the above.

If something's not done soon it will deteriorate further becoming a safety issue as well as turning off users (both locals and visitors) of our beautiful area.


31-Oct-2016 12:35 PM

Padster Mel

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I will place it on the agenda for the next RFS meeting - 1/11/16
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