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Cats on the loose

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02-Aug-2016 08:57 AM


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A large fluffy white cat was nosing around our house in the early hours of the morning. I tried to catch it but it scarpered. Can folk remember that cats are not allowed on the Western Foreshores and they are definitely not allowed to roam free to decimate the local wildlife. 

02-Aug-2016 09:47 AM


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I also feel that rental firms should make an effort to explain to prospective tenants the protocols of the area. 

 So often inexperienced new comers are unaware of the issues and unique nature of the environment they are about to move into. :-) 

 This may be even be something that could be posted on the Elvina and Lovett Jettys


15-Aug-2016 05:33 PM

Padster Mel

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This will be added to the next WPCA agenda.


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