Power tools on Sundays and public holidays

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Power tools on Sundays and public holidays

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27-Mar-2016 06:41 PM

Jackie G

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Let me tell you about our Easter Sunday. At 10am we were subjected to over 40 minutes of constant leafblower and whippersnipper noise from across the other side of our bay. Then, just before 6pm on this side of the bay, we were serenaded for at least 30 minutes by more leafblowing and whippersnipping from two separate properties.

I know the council regulations allow power tools between 8am and 8pm on Sundays and public holidays - 1 whole hour less than on Saturday and working days! - but as neighbours, and as discussed at last week's WPCA AGM, I really think we should be taking our neighbours into consideration when using power tools on these days. 

The policy in our house is, and has been for the 24 years we have lived here, not to use such tools on these days. 

Can we come to some community agreement on this issue?

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