Sewerage in the Bays

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Sewerage in the Bays

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22-Mar-2016 09:19 AM


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The Scotland Island community is forging ahead with sewerage for the Island. We are not part of this plan, apparently the Bays do not want sewerage. Though, I cannot remember this topic being discussed by the community.

Personally, I think that it would be a good idea. Taking the effluent away rather than pumping it into our back yards must be better for the local environment. 

I was wondering if anyone could tell me when the Bays decided against sewerage, and what facts, reports and surveys this decision was based on.


22-Mar-2016 12:30 PM


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I absolutely agree. There is no place for human sewage in Pittwater. If it is good enough to restrict sewage outlet on a boats then surely we, as residents, should also be able to dispose of our waster 'thoughtfully'.

Here we are only 50 minutes from the centre of Sydney and still without water and effluent treatment. Disgraceful! 

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