CFU Training - Rocky Point

Date: 25-Nov-2017

Following is the CFU training plan for the remainder of 2017. There will be no training in December.

Ideally it is best to join the training session for the group you belong to, however you are more than welcome to join in with another group if the dates don't work.

Session Times: 9am – 12pm.

CFU Trainer: Roy Atkins

Sat 29 July McCarrs Creek & Waterfall Groups.
Meet at CFU cabinet at start of Elvina Track

Sat 19 Aug Lovett / Little Lovett & Frog Hollow Groups.
Meet at the Lovett Fire Shed.

Sat 23 Sept Morning Bay Group.
Meet at the CFU cabinet, Bona Cres.

Sat 14 Oct CFU Course (for new members)
8.30am – 4pm Elvina Fire Shed

Sat 28 Oct Elvina Bay Group.
Meet at the Elvina Fire Shed.

Sat 25 Nov Rocky Point Group.
Meet at the CFU Cabinet on Rocky Point

What is your group?

The pdf below indicates which group the WPRFS has allocated you to. The name in bold is the leader for the group for communications purposes.

CFU Training Dates 2017 CFU Training Dates 2017 (49 KB)


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