Susan Duncan: stories, secrets and a study in reinvention

Richard Fidler - ABC
At forty-four, Susan's successful media career, writing for and editing top-selling women's magazines including The Australian Women's Weekly, was front and centre of her life.

The appeal of all that fell away when, within days, she suffered the loss of her brother, and then, her first husband.

Susan dismantled her life, and over time, made a new one in a tiny, waterside village, in Sydney's Pittwater.

Since then, several reinventions have seen her survive cancer, and find enduring love.

Susan's written a number of bestselling memoirs featuring candid portraits of the people and landscape of Pittwater.

Now in her sixties, she's relocated to a bush block in NSW and claims keeping the weeds down with her tractor brings deep satisfaction.

This year Susan found the courage to confront her elderly mother about an ugly, long-buried family secret.

* Please note the latter part of this conversation contains distressing subject matter and may disturb survivors of sexual abuse *

Further information

The House on the Hill is published by Random House

Susan's previous books are Salvation Creek and The House at Salvation Creek

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