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Wildlife 'After Dark Program'

Ever wondered who’s living on your property?

Now is your chance to find out.

The ‘After Dark’ wildlife camera program is offering local residents and weekenders the chance to see what happens in their backyards at night using an infra-red motion detecting camera.

Bookings have just opened and the camera comes with foolproof instructions, a tripod for easy placement and suggestions as to where it should go. The camera itself is a top of the line Reconnyx Professional Infra Red and will appeal to camera buffs and newbies alike.

Interest in our wildlife is a great reason to book the camera. Simple curiosity is another, while keeping family entertained in the holidays is a lay-down misere. Or you may just want to see who is chewing your orange tree. Whatever your reason - every booking will help build a picture of the local species that live alongside us and move through our properties each night.

This initiative has been funded by a Greater Sydney Local Land Services Mini- Grant to Rocky Point Bushcare and commences after a successful 3 month pilot. The program itself will be run by Jude James.

For the first year we are suggesting that residents book for a 2 weeks period so that they can move the camera around their properties to see where the ‘wild things’ are. Obviously we will be keen to hear feedback from participants and can adjust the settings to suit as the program rolls out. 

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Email: Jude James

Mobile: 0450 299 964

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