Possum Grant For Rocky Point

Lesley Stevens

Pittwater’s Rocky Point Bushcare Group has successfully attracted state funding to support a community driven Pygmy Possum Monitoring Project on the Western Shores of Pittwater.

The mini grant of $1500, awarded by Greater Sydney Local Land Services, will fund the purchase of 2 high quality wildlife cameras to support a monitoring program to establish data on the location, frequency and seasonal movements of the Eastern Pygmy Possum on the Western Shores of Pittwater.

Twenty-four nesting boxes have already been purchased by the community and placed along the Rocky Point peninsular and in Towlers Bay. The first monitoring project will run for 12 weeks. Other visitors to the nesting boxes, such as Feather-tailed Gliders and Antechinus, will also be recorded.


The cameras will be used to capture footage to support weekly observations and build community capacity in environmental data collection. A third camera will be loaned to the project by the Pittwater Natural Heritage Association.

Technical and scientific advice will be provided by ecologist Alf Britton, Coastal Resource Management specialist Christine Soul, Research Scientist Dr. Brad Law and Pittwater Council’s Bushland Officers.

The Western Shores Pygmy Possum Project was kick-started by a local resident’s discovery of an Eastern Pygmy Possum in a Towlers Bay laundry basket. This was the first recorded sighting of a Pygmy Possum on the Western Shores of Pittwater in European times. 2 weeks later Pygmy Possums were found in specially made nesting boxes placed along the Ingleside escarpment.

This is the third community project hosted by the Rocky Point Bushcare group. The group partnered with the Asparagus Fern Out committee to run a series of highly successful days at its bushcare site and last year partnered with the Elvina Bay Rural Fire Service in an asset protection and regenerative burn off, also on site.

‘Good partnerships are the key to voluntary community participation’, said Rocky Point Bushcarer Lesley Stevens. They raise the ambition bar. What started as an ‘interest group’ has now become a monitoring project, backed by local expertise, other community associations, strong Council support and financial support from state government.’

For more information please contact:

Lesley Stevens T: 9979 9477 M: 0408623554 E: Lesley Stevens



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