Poison kills more than just vermin in Pittwater

Paul & Tracey Scotland Island residents

This article was in the Pittwater Offshore Newsletter
Image not of the owls found on Scotland Island - for illustrative purposes only 

Be mindful of where we live.. Poison kills more than you may think !

We live in a wonderful place where the night creatures hoot and holler and hunt and eat the the small scurrying creatures in the evening. In the daytime Eagles, Kites and Hawks drift across the skies looking for food and sleepy and harmless snakes slither across our paths during the day, scaring the willies out of us, but a little adrenalin pumped into our system is the only impact they have on us.

One morning we woke up to the sight of 2 spread-eagled dead owls in our front yard. They had died a cruel and horrible death from blood poisoning causing internal bleeding, seizures and kidney failure. Someone in our neighbourhood was concerned with an invasion of rats, which are an important food source for the owls and snake, and put out poison. The poison remains in the system of the sick or dead creatures and is passed on to the native species that prey on them.

We have done a bit of research and there is no such thing as a safe poison. If you have a problem with rats there are many other ways of dealing with this. Secure your homes against their invasion, trap them and feed them to the owls and kookaburras or dispose of them carefully BUT PLEASE DO NOT USE POISON

Paul & Tracey - Scotland Island

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