Fitting In Fitness

Andy Derijk

"I'm too busy right now"... this is something we have all said. When we are overwhelmed by work, family obligations, and a busy social calendar, time for your health and fitness gets put off, and those health goals fall by the wayside.

In the long run, a consistent workout schedule makes you happier, more productive, and less stressed in all aspects of your life, but getting started is often the hardest part.

Why is exercise so important? Well the benefits of being Fitter & Healthier flows onto all aspects of our lives... helping to build confidence at work, better productivity and improved mental clarity to name a few. These benefits also flow through to personal, family, social etc. aspects.

The big challenge is Fitting in Fitness! This months tips can help...

Be realistic about your goals

When considering your goals it's important to make them realistic and achievable. If you've decided to start exercising with weight-loss in mind, think about your ideal weight then bust it down into realistic "mini-goals". If you want to build some lean muscle or are working toward a particular event (e.g. Fun run) achievable goals will help you get there and stay motivated.

Schedule in advance

Even with the best intentions, it's easy to skip workouts, opt for other activities, and wake up on Friday morning to realise you haven't worked out at all that week!

Treat your workout schedule like you would an important business meeting - it's an event that's set in stone.

Spend a few minutes every Sunday night to map out your weeks schedule for the upcoming days, and write down your workouts in your calendar or electronic diary and stick to them.

If something comes up and your can't make your workout... reschedule as you would do with other important meetings.

Make it social

Getting friends involved in your new healthy habits can be fun and allow you new quality time together.

Plan a new kind of happy hour date with friends, hit up a fitness class with co-workers, or go for a walk before heading to your favourite restaurant with your partner.

Whether you're looking for a running buddy or a little healthy competition in a group class, fitness is more fun when you've got friends involved. Working out with a friend also helps you both to stay motivated and keep going.

Be realistic

Don't set yourself up for failure (or injury) by going overboard in the beginning of your journey by over training.

Going too hard too soon will only make you revert back to old habits and excuses.

Even if you feel up to it, stick to the workouts you have set in place that make sense for your body and schedule.

Most people soon find working out (and great feeling you get from it) becomes a natural and integral part of your lifestyle.

A short workout still counts

There will be times when you have to be flexible; obligations arise, and you have to plan accordingly, that's OK! A short workout is better than no workout at all...

Even 10 or 20 minutes of exercise can keep you on track and is worth the effort.

Time spent working out will allow you come back to the project at hand with a fresh, clear perspective; trust me, you won't regret it.

Time for action!

Grab a pen, paper and your diary now...

  • Write down why your Health & Fitness is important to you.
  • Now write down your goals, they don't have to be perfect. Chunk them down into something doable in a realistic timeframe.
  • OK, it's time for the diary... Schedule them in and stick to them... but understand if things change (such is life!) then reschedule them as you would an important business meeting.


Until next time... Fit in your Fitness and enjoy better Health!

About the author:

Andy Derijk was trained at the Australian Institute of Fitness as a Master Trainer and Personal Trainer and was awarded "Institute Champion” 

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Contact Andy on: 0418 613 890

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