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Andy Derijk

The human body is designed for movement, over the years our labour saving devices have cost us dearly by making us move significantly less… Sitting for hours on end (and hours on our end!) has now been described by many experts as the new Health risk compared to smoking!

Living offshore has great benefits by increasing our movement, walking to ferry, getting in/out of our boats, rowing when our outboards break down, swimming after falling out of our boats, walking extra distance around Commuter Wharf construction sites, wandering around the carpark for 30mins trying to remember where we parked the car etc. are all great activities but are you moving enough?

Best way to answer this is to measure it…. So here comes the Challenge…

Your Challenge

The challenge for March is to walk 10,000 steps each day. Research shows that 10,000 is the minimum number of steps you need to take to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Wear a pedometer or use a Smartphone app to keep track. Feel free to post your progress, challenge your friends and work colleagues to a daily step challenge… Let’s make March your increased movement Month… Now where did I park the car?? J

Your health is your wealth!

About the author:

Andy Derijk was trained at the Australian Institute of Fitness as a Master Trainer and Personal Trainer and was awarded "Institute Champion” 
He also holds a Master Degree in Business Marketing.

Andy has a lifelong passion for fitness and provides holistic personal training. He runs 3 fitness sessions, 2 days a week, in the great outdoors at Elvina Bay.
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Contact Andy on: 0418 613 890

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