Ausgrid Electricity Cable Planned for Late 2016


Scotland Island & Western Foreshores Power Supply Improvements

Ausgrid is planning works on the electricity distribution network to Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores of Pittwater to improve reliability of the Local power supply. This follows extended outages in December 2013 and February 2015.

The project involves the installation of a new high-voltage cable between Scotland Island and the Foreshores. The cable would run approximately one kilometre between Catherine Park and Little Lovett Bay.

Why is the project needed?

Currently,two separate 11,000 volt submarine cables supply Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores from Church Point. These two cables operate independently in a radial or spur feeder arrangement.

Under this configuration, a fault or third-party damage to the submarine cables, or a fault on the Localoverhead network,  can result in lengthy interruptions for customers.

Repairs to the local electricity network are usually complex, due to underwater access difficulties and the challenge of getting heavy equipment and crews to the area by water transport or fire trails.

Installation of a third cable would connect the existing feeders in a ring format, improving both reliability and restoration times if one of the cables is damaged or develops a fault in the future.

When is the work happening?

Design work for the project is underway and a Review of Environmental Factors will be prepared for public consultation.

In planning and seeping the project,Ausgrid must consider any environmentaland community impact,and ensure construction is completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

Subject to the REF and community consultation, works are expected to commence in late 2016. The timing and duration of works may also depend on the final design, including the construction method.

Will Ibe affected?

As works commence we will provide more information and let customers know if and when power interruptions need to occur. We will notify any residents whose power supply may be interrupted during the course of the project.

Keeping you informed

We aim to minimise disruption by keeping you informed. You can ask questions about the project at and

You can also call us at 13 13 65 or email us at

Source: Ausgrid Newsetter

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