Artist Profile - Antonia Hoddle

Antonia Hoddle

Antonia Hoddle,  is one of Pittwaters wonderful local talents.

Passionate about the natural environment and a lifelong creator, Antonia's paintings and drawings impart a sense of the beauty she sees in the world that surrounds her.

“My inspiration is entwined with my love of life and art. Above all my paintings are an expression of my own personality and the unique place in which I live. I equate Mother Earth to my own body also giving birth to life. The landscape – earth, fire, air and water are integral to our existence and without care and management we humans will destroy our very being.”

Early Years

Antonia, the eldest of five girls was born in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, and grew up in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, the eldest of five girls.

“We had a wonderful home that inspired me. It had a magic sunken garden with poems by William Wordsworth inscribed into the stone steps. This fuelled my imagination.”

“It was a large house that we also shared with extended family and lots of pets, a place that was filled to capacity. “

“ My mother Marcelle was very interested in the Arts and later worked as a gallery assistant. My family were very involved with their community and they all shared this passion. It was a very social household and a magical childhood.”

“My Grandfather Hugh Poate lived with us as my Grandmother Aida had died early in life. Aida was Italian, born in Cairo, Egypt. This is where my Grandfather met and married her when she was 18 years old. He was a doctor and a soldier who had helped set up the Hospital in Alexandria for the wounded men from the Gallipoli War Zone.”

"My father’s Family is 5th generation graziers and pioneers. I am a descendant of the British Military Trained Surveyor Robert Hoddle, a renowned artist of flora, fauna and topography. Robert Hoddle was also town planner of Melbourne, he surveyed Gibralta, South Africa, Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland."

Antonia was educated at Kambala, Rose Bay, The Mary White & John Olsen School of Art & Design, Edgecliff, Sydney 1965 -1966.

At 17 she was enrolled in Art School, studied Art History, painting, architectural drawing, ceramics and pottery, and was classically trained in painting and life drawing by the UK artist Andrew Sibley. Antonia also studied woodwork, graphic and fabric design and majored in textiles.

“John Olsen was a most flamboyant and entertaining teacher, wearing a large Spanish sombrero, arms flying everywhere and exuberant colourful dialogue to match his huge smile. I thrived in Art school, it was a wonderfully creative time.”

“My first oil painting was of my cat "Ursula" when I was 17.”

'Ursula' - Antonias first oil painting age 17

Upon leaving Art School in 1967 Antonia worked for the John Kaldor and his parents, A & V Kaldor and Sekers Silk, Castlereagh St.

“This was a wonderful experience for me, both in training for styling, colouring and designing fabrics and working with fashion designers.” “John is an exceptional man with an extraordinary vision and his taste is very sophisticated and elegant.”

“I also had the privilege to work with UK designer Zandra Rhodes, who was bought to Australia by John to promote her work.

“One of my favourite fabric designs is photographed by Athol Shmith, modeled by myself in front of Mike Kitching's award winning sculpture "Nevada" which won the 1967 Alcorso / Sekers Travelling Scholarship. This design was fabricated by Adele & Peter Weiss and is one of John Kaldors best prints and designs, the colour and styling exemplifies the 60's fashion which was sheer, bold, brazen and considered outrageous."

"The outfit was photographed decades later by a local paper, Saturday, 21 July 2007 in a vintage store here at North Narrabeen, after 50 years "the one off piece" tells a story of the 60's mod girl.”

'NEVADA'  - Mike Kitching 1967 - Alcorso – Sekers traveling Scolarship Prize

In 1967 Antonia married the sculptor Mike Kitching and spent the next two years travelling, working and studying in Europe.


Antonia now lives at Lovett bay and continues to explore her passions for art and environment.

“The best aspect of working in the medium of painting is to tell a story, to communicate the narrative of life around me and the life on earth, so the challenge is always to make it interesting and engage the viewer. As an Artist I observe and document and hope by leaving a visual image of nature it will help humans connect and respect the natural forces of life.”

“I have admired and been influenced by painters like Tom Roberts, Arthur Boyd and Paul Klee whose insight and work captures the essence of the landscape and the human condition, they painted ordinary day to day life with extraordinary insight and layers of meaning. Painting in oil or gouache and drawing in graphite, Indian Ink and charcoal are my disciplines and inspirations are drawn from the natural landscape around me, be it my friends, animals, children or cooking.”

“Pittwater is like a moat protecting us from the outside world, a world we choose to access by boat and if we want to walk in the wilds we have Ku-ring-gai National Park on our door step, easy access for boating, favourite restaurants and visiting our friends by boat.”

"Gardening is intrinsic to my soul and I grow most citrus trees, mananzello and frantoio olive trees, geraniums, grapes and all species of herbs. I have been working on a cook book for a number of years with drawings and paintings to accompany my own recipes - "A Life of Spice ".

Antonia also convenes the COOPERS POINT BUSHCARE GROUP, a voluntary group of bush care workers who has done over 100,000 hours of work , clearing the bush of weeds and planting of tube stock. Antonia has been instrumental in the conservation of the forest behind her Pittwater home by planting hundreds of PITTWATER SPOTTED GUM, CORYMBIA MACULATA tube stock to restore the natural ecological balance.

“The implications for local provenance seed selection and landscape restoration ensures the native flora and fauna will continue to flourish.”

“Our environment is intertwined with our creative life and our sense of place, where we have lived for 45 years, so we are active in the protection of Planet Earth.”

Artist Statement

“In 1994 I experienced a bushfire that turned into a fire storm and savagely tore through Lovett Bay in Pittwater. We lost 11 homes in our Bay, numerous boatshed, jetties and boats were exploding on their moorings.

"This event has left an indelible impression and an uneasy feeling of how fragile life is."

"After 7 days of intense heat the fire storm wreaked violent havoc and that evening it rained ever so gently. These extremes in one day are extraordinary."

"My inspiration is entwined with my love of Life and Art. Above all my paintings are an expression of my own personality and the unique place in which I live."

"I equate Mother Earth to my own body also giving birth to life. The landscape – Earth, Fire, Air and Water are integral to our existence and without care and management we humans will destroy our very being."

"For most of my life I have been drawing and painting the landscape."

"Original sketches are always done on site – 'in the field' – I also use my own photographic documentation for reference and mood and the journey on paper begins, not always going to where I expect, but is also part of the discovery."


Pittwater Online News Artist of the Month - January 2016.
Photos of exhibition currently online at Pittwater Online News:

PCA Art Show , 20 November Pittwater Community Arts Exhibition & Sale at Avalon

Selected for group exhibition at Chelsea Lane Art Depot Gallery, Avalon Sydney

Finalist for RMYC Newport Marine Art Exhibition

Finalist for RMYC Newport, Marine Art Exhibition

Selected for “Keeping Company 2011”, Manly Art Gallery and Museum Biennial Exhibition 11 February – 13 March
Finalist for Gunnedah Art Show, April 2011
September: participated in the Manly Arts Festival - Open Studios at Lovett Bay

Finalist for RMYC, Newport, Marine Art Exhibition

Finalist for RAS, Homebush Sydney
Finalist for RMYC, Newport, Sydney
Finalist for Scone Art Prize

Finalist RAS, Homebush, Sydney ExhibitionFinalist for the Norvill Environmental Exhibition at Murrurundi, Salon De Refuseé

Landscape design for internal courtyard for RANZCOG College House, East Melbourne, Victoria
Finalist at the Sydney RAS Exhibition
Selected and Finalist for Warringah Art Show, Scone Art Show, Ebb & Flow and Newport Art Works

Gallery Assistant
Painters Gallery, Mona Vale

Finalist for “Island H’Arts” Exhibition, Pittwater
RMYC Broken Bay Art Exhibition
Scone Art Prize
Represented at the Painters Gallery, Mona Vale
Gallery 460, Kincumber, NSW
Private Collections Germany, Italy and Sydney

Travelled to France, England and Italy for 3 months
Worked and studied at Château de La Rochefoucauld Charente, France

“Art from the Edge”, Pittwater

Finalist for Mosman Art Prize
Warringah Art Exhibition
Waverly / Woollahra Art Exhibition

Selected and entered for exhibitions, competitions and private shows
Scone Art Prize, Murra Mists, Tumut Art Prize, Botanic Gardens exhibition – “Dugongs of Hinchinbrook”.
The Seasons Gallery, North Sydney
Galley Six, Mona Vale, Pittwater
Singleton Art Exhibition
Currabubula Exhibition, NSW

Freelanced for P.T. Rowe Fabrics.
Interior Decorator for Village Living, Avalon

Returned to Australia and settled at Lovett Bay, Pittwater
Designer Stylist and colourist for John Kaldor Fabric-maker

Study, work and travelling in England, Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa.
Designer for Hicks & Zarach – London
Consultant for “The Thinking Eye”, London
Pye of Cambridge, UK

Textile Designer for Hexham Textiles
Textile Designer for Sekers Silk, Sydney
A&V Kaldor. Trained by John Kaldor


Vogue Magazine
Women's Weekly
Pol Magazine
Pittwater Perspective
Baywatch Online News
Pittwater Online News

Contact Information

Antonia Hoddle

PO Box 87
Lovett Bay
Sydney NSW 2105

Phone: + 61 02 9999 4201
Mobile: 0410 594201

Artists In Residence
Mike Kitching - Antonia Hoddle
Open for viewing by appointment


Source: Excerpts from Pittwater Online News


Curlew crossing Pittwater - Oil - board, H 30 cm X 110Her coiled blue curves – Oil/canvas, H x 120 cm X 91By day a harsh land by night a dark woman – Oil/linen, H x 120cm X 91Angophora in Towlers Bay – Indian Ink /Arches paper ,H 38 cm x 27
Linda Falls, Lovett Bay – Gouache / indian ink , chalk and graphite,  H 40 cm X 30View from the Camp, Pittwater – Oil / board, H X 50 cm X 28Mango Tree Walk – Oil/canvas, H 58cm X 42Long Reef south from Turimetta – Oil /canvas, H X 55 X 115
Linda Falls, Lovett Bay VIII – Oil/canvas, H 140cm X 74Linda Falls, Lovett Bay VII, Oil/canvas, H150cm X 101The Last Lunch at Braidwood with Arthur – Oil/canvas, H X 104 cm X 155Jean's Terrace, Bayview to Scotland Island – Oil /canvas ,  Size : H X 54 cm X 80
The Moon, the tower and the manuscript – Oil , mixed media on canvas, H X 100 cm X 100.Fiamma at Portugese Beach 1978 – Oil / board ,  H 40cm X 30Dugongs in Moonlight at Hinchinbrook  – Oil / board,  H X 70 cm X 95

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