Council calls for submissions on Waterfront Café outdoor dining


Source: Northern Beaches Council

The Waterfront Café and General Store seeks an 18-year outdoor-dining licence. Public submissions close on November 27.

Oct 2020: Re-notified licence

In May 2020, community members were notified and submissions were invited on a proposed 12-month Outdoor Dining Licence to the business trading as the 'Waterfront Café & General Store'.

This licence is now being re-notified as Council has been asked to consider a longer-term and larger area licence.

The proposed length of this licence is approximately 18 years, terminating on 31 October 2039.

Submissions received on the initial 12-months proposal will be taken into consideration as part of this current engagement.

Have your say by:

  • completing the submission form below
  • emailing us at
  • writing to us marked 'Proposed Outdoor Dining Licence, 1860 Pittwater Road, Church Point, C000839/04 ' Northern Beaches Council, PO BOX 82 Manly 1655.

If you have an enquiry, please contact the Property team on 1300 434 434.


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