West Pittwater Community Fire Unit Course for new members


The next CFU course will be held on October 31. It prepares you to work in your own neighbourhood with those close by in the event of fire. Note: This CFU course is aimed at West Pittwater Residents - Scotland Island, Mackerel Beach and Coaster retreat residents should contact their local RFS unit.

Once a year West Pittwater Rural Fire Brigade run a Community Fire Unit Course for New Members.

New Member CFU Course


Saturday 31 October
Elvina Fire Shed – 8.30am - 4pm
Lunch provided

A Community Fire Unit (CFU) member works with their neighbours in the vicinity of their own properties.

The CFU course is designed to help you understand and use equipment and processes in a coordinated fashion to reduce the risk posed by bushfires.

CFU members are not deployed to fight fires in other locations.


  • about property preparation
  • your local resources
  • bush fire behaviour.

This will help you make decisions about staying or leaving in the event of a bushfire as well as provide you with the knowledge and equipment to extinguish spot fires and ember attacks.

CFU cabinets are now installed in McCarrs Creek, the Elvina Track, Lovett Bay (Sturdee Ln), Rocky Point and Morning Bay, and Lovett Bay Boatshed.

Our CFU member base has grown to 62 and we are close to our goal of having someone in every other house with some level of formal fire control training. Ask a neighbour what they thought of the course if you are unsure.


As a CFU member your commitment is limited to:

  • 1 day for the course
  • 3 morning training sessions a year

Once your application (attached) is approved you will be supplied with a blue CFU uniform in fire retardant material, boots, gloves, goggles and a helmet.


To confirm your spot please complete the attached form and email us at training@westpittwater.com.au

Please apply promptly as we only hold one training course for new CFU members each year and spots are limited.


Les Peirce
Training Officer


WPRFB RFS-CFU Volunteer Membership Application WPRFB RFS-CFU Volunteer Membership Application (4235 KB)


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