Scotland Island Kindy survey


There is strong community interest in how the Scotland Island Kindy space will be used. Pittwater Online News reports that 177 people completed a survey canvassing ideas put forward in July at a public meeting.

Kindy Survey Wrap-up

A strong response to the survey exploring ideas for the kindy space saw an amazing 177 people completing it, which represents something like a quarter of the island. See selected results/analysis below, with the full graphed data available here;  

Ideas in the survey were those proposed by people at the public meeting on 26th July and published in PON 31/7/20. The survey's aim was to gauge wider interest in each; to see if any or all were viable.

There was very strong interest in;

  • "A cultural hub incorporating workshops, training, weekend art gallery, cafe, exhibitions, sales" with 84 people (48% of respondents) saying they were very likely to use it.

There was strong interest in;

  • "Cafe/drop-in center for casual chats and airing points of view" with 41 people (24% of respondents) very likely to use.
  • "Knowledge share hub & tool library, recycle and repair, DIY classes on typical island tasks" had 44 people (25%) very likely to use.
  • "A members club with focus on music, arts, dancing, may include social bar" 45 people (26%) very likely to use.
  • "A community garden with workshops, plant exchange and growing space" 41 people (24%) very likely to use.

There was significant interest in;

  • "Reference library, book share, book club" 72 people (51%) very or quite likely.
  • "Co-working space" 40 people (23%) very or quite likely.
  • "Creche or play group" 28 people (17%) very or quite likely.
  • "Venue for sale of used goods" 59 people (34%) very or quite likely.
  • "Adult education venue" 42 people (24%) very or quite likely.

The standout from question 2 was "Coop for sale of dry goods, vegetables, gas bottle exchange" with 97 people (55%) very or quite likely to use. Good interest in Art, Music & Pottery classes was also found with around a third of people showing interest in each. Storage of park sport equipment, Homework tutoring and Weekend/holiday childcare each also saw significant interest.


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